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Product Liability Attorney in Slidell

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Holding Manufacturers Responsible for Injury or Death

Manufacturers have a duty to ensure that their products are safe for normal and reasonable use. Unfortunately, some products are brought to market with inherent defects, without sufficient testing, or without proper warning of foreseeable dangers.

Louisiana Defective Product Trial Lawyer

The Law Office of Randolph C. Slone has a solid record in seeking product liability damages on behalf of clients in Louisiana and Mississippi. Whether you were seriously injured by a flawed consumer product or a family member was killed by defective machinery in the workplace, Randy Slone offers skilled negotiation and aggressive representation in court.

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To prevail in a product liability claim, your attorney must show that there was a design defect, manufacturing defect, or failure to warn the end user of likely dangers. It is not necessary to prove that the manufacturer knowingly put a defective or dangerous product on the market, although punitive damages might apply if there is evidence of such indifference to public safety.

These cases are complex and technical, and the companies have teams of high-powered lawyers at their disposal. Randy Slone is a board-certified trial specialist with 40 years of experience and demonstrated results in this difficult litigation. He was involved in the landmark class action litigation against Ford Motor Co. and Firestone for a tire defect (tread separation) that caused hundreds of rollover injuries and deaths. Our Louisiana client required surgery to implant a rod in his crushed shoulder after a tire blowout on I-59.

The Law Office of Randolph C. Slone has the resources to hire the top experts to assist in these difficult cases.

  • We successfully represented a Superdome worker who suffered a severe back injury when a chair collapsed because of metal failure of an aluminum knob. We hired a metallurgy expert to examine the chair and determined, through depositions, that the manufacturer had tested the part and knew it was likely to fail.
  • We secured a damages award for a man who was seriously injured when he was rear-ended in a freeway accident. At impact, not only did his car's bumper fall off, but all of the vehicle's air bags failed to deploy to prevent or minimize his injuries.

The Experience That Can Make a Difference in Your Case

If you suspect that a poorly designed product caused your injury, contact our Slidell, Louisiana, office for a free case evaluation. We collect no fees unless we take your case and win damages. Call 985-643-0314. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, and we will promptly respond.